Flooring is the finishing touch for any indoor space. It can elevate a room to luxury standards — or diminish it. Beautiful floors are equally important for personal homes and professional workspaces. Your home should be a place of comfort where you enjoy spending time, and a workspace should look put together and complete.

Scratched, scuffed and discoloured floors create a shabby, lacklustre appearance, whereas tidy, polished floors are the key to bringing your space together and creating an elegant, welcoming environment, all while elevating the aesthetic value of a space. Stunning floors can also be a big asset to your property, so correct technique and maintenance are vital.

This is where Floor Sanding NZ comes in. Our team of highly trained professionals are here for all your floor sanding Auckland needs. Read on to find out how we can help you sand your floors to perfection, and discover our top tips and tricks for achieving a fantastic floor sanding result.

The Floor Sanding Experts

Our friendly and experienced team can help you with floor sanding Auckland-wide, having serviced the area for more than a decade. We provide a wide range of flooring services, from varnishing and restoration to the subject of the day: sanding. We work with residential and commercial clients across the super city of Auckland to achieve great results, using our wealth of experience and constantly updated high-quality equipment.

If you are unsure whether your flooring requires sanding, we can perform a quality assessment first. Then, if required, we will provide our sanding services to give you the desired result.

You might be thinking, why don’t I try sanding myself? The primary reason for choosing a sanding professional is to guarantee a smooth, even surface finish that will be protected from moisture and resilient for years to come.

Safety First

Did you know that sanding produces wood dust that is dangerous when inhaled? This means when you have your residential or commercial floor sanded, you will need to temporarily evacuate the space, causing a disruption in workflow and at-home productivity. Our sanding professionals have been in the game so long they are as efficient as they come. Sanding is second nature to them. They will complete your sanding project rapidly and with skill so you can continue using your home and workplace as soon as possible.

Know Your Materials

Understanding the kind of wood your flooring consists of is essential, as each type of timber reacts differently to coatings. Wood’s grain pattern and hardness varies from species to species, which in turn impacts its response to sanding. Some common timber flooring materials commonly found in Auckland include walnut, elm, cherry and native rimu.

Hardwoods like oak and maple are particularly popular due to their resilience against general wear and tear, but they are also more difficult to sand than softer woods.

Preparation Is Key

At Floor Sanding NZ, we pride ourselves on specialising in floor preparation. This crucial step sets your floors up for smooth and efficient sanding. Before starting, we assess your surface closely to identify problem areas needing extra attention, from deep stains and uneven boards to scratches and product build-up.

We remove any and all flooring coverings, adhesives, staples, and nails and check for uneven surfaces. We mitigate any height differences by timber planing and give the surface an intensive clean. Now, we are ready to begin sanding! We will establish the best technique to ensure a flawless slate.

Strip It Back

The key to any timber flooring restoration or polishing project is expert sanding. It is the most effective way to restore damaged flooring, whether your floors are suffering from water damage, deep scratches or colour damage caused by sun exposure and staining. Additionally, it creates a clean, smooth canvas reading for the final touches.

Many technical elements ensure the best finish. You need to get the right sandpaper grit for the type of wood you are sanding, know how often to change sandpaper and know the angle and depth you should sand. These factors depend on the type of wood you are working with and whether it has been sanded before.
Don’t mess up the specificities of your floor sanding projects. Let Floor Sanding NZ, your trusted Auckland professionals, perform the job.

Maintain Those Results

Now that you have invested time, money and energy into having your floors sanded, you should maintain them for long-lasting results. A regular professional maintenance schedule will protect your beautiful new floors and ensure their longevity.

You can also take everyday actions to enhance the lifespan of your flooring. As a first step, apply a hardwood floor-cleaning solution regularly to eliminate residue build-up and encourage shine. You should also use gentle cleaning tools, such as brooms with soft bristles and microfibre mops, to remove dust and cobwebs without scratching your shiny new floors.

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