Commercial Floor Sanding

Floorsanding NZ provides a wide range of commercial floor sanding services, including new timber floor staining and varnishing, blonding, and whitewashing – all the way to total hardwood timber and parquet floor restoration for your commercial property.

We specialise in projects of all sizes, working on gyms, shopping centres, schools halls and office buildings – all the way down to single-room projects.

Protect Your Timber Floor – Protect Your Business

The trade-qualified team at Floorsanding NZ sand all new, old, and recycled timber flooring – including hardwood, parquet floors and decks.

If you are lucky enough to have timber floors in your commercial space, you will know they lend elegance and refinement and provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for your clients. However, if your timber flooring needs attention, it can drag down the entire look of your space – and we all know first impressions count.

Taking care to maintain your timber floors lines up with taking care of your customers and your business, so if your timber floors need some care and maintenance, get in touch now.

Specialists in Timber Floors

At Floorsanding NZ, we are specialists in the restoration and care of timber floors, and we have over a decade of experience taking care of commercial timber flooring across Manukau and the greater Auckland region.

During this time, we have come up against pretty much every obstacle possible when it comes to getting a timber floor looking its very best – and found the ideal solution.

Need an Expert Commercial Floor Sanding Service?

At Floorsanding NZ, we offer a range of commercial floor sanding service options.

Sanding & Treating Timber Flooring

If you are building new, it pays to do things right the first time when it comes to your investment in timber flooring.

Once your commercial floor is down, call us in to assess the surface, provide expert sanding services and order a seal and varnish service that will ensure your new floors are going to remain beautiful and resilient all the way up to their first scheduled maintenance.

Call us to discover how we can take care of your new timber floor now – and for years to come.


Commercial Timber Floor Restoration

If you have a warehouse space, a hall, or a hair salon in downtown Auckland with a timber floor that has seen better days, our commercial floor sanding service team has the skills and experience to restore your floors to their former glory.

We understand that every timber floor has a unique character and will require a customised approach with the equipment and sanding techniques best suited to the job. Our team are qualified across water damage, drummy spots, and repairing loose block parquet flooring.

Call us if you want to welcome clients to your commercial space with a floor that speaks to style, refinement, and care.


Commercial Floor Finishing

Commercial premises deal with an enormous amount of foot traffic, and you may be working with children, coffee or chemicals, or you may need a floor that can repel moisture effectively.

Whatever type of business your company specialises in, we can provide a finishing solution that will add durability, resilience, and longevity to your floor – while allowing the natural beauty of your timber to shine through.

A properly finished floor will be easy to clean and maintain as the varnish, polyurethane, Tung oil, or stain will help prevent dirt and debris from penetrating into the wood.

Booking Floorsanding NZ to finish your timber floors is an investment that will help you avoid the need for a premature floor replacement.

Good Looks & Long Life

Choosing the right finish for your timber flooring doesn’t just add a layer of protection; it provides the aesthetic satisfaction of a rich, lustrous finish. You can select a glossy or matte finish, and our experienced team can help you pick the best type of finish and application technique to get the result you want.

Floor finishes include a range of coloured Polyurethane – moisture cured or waterborne – staining and Tung oils. Floor finishing also extends the lifespan of your floor by providing a shield from moisture, UV Rays, scratches, scuffs, and general wear and tear.

Commercial Timber Floor Preparation

We prepare your timber floor by sanding it level, filling gaps, and removing any damaged boards as part of the essential preparation before we finish your floor. Floorsanding NZ has all the expertise and equipment required to provide a smooth canvas for the next step of your timber restoration.

We start by inspecting the surface and identifying any areas that will benefit from special attention. There may be deep scratches, uneven boards, stains, or a build-up of old varnish that needs to be sanded down.

After our assessment is complete, we thoroughly clean the timber surface, and then we choose the sanding technique that will work best for each stage of the restoration and begin the work of creating a flawless, long-lasting finish for your timber floor.

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