Wooden Flooring

Does your wooden flooring need attention?

We have been in the wooden floor business for over ten years and we are trade-qualified experts.

Wooden Floor Specialists

Whether you have a new build with a wooden floor, antique hardwood floors or a unique parquet floor, Floorsanding NZ can help you with repair, sanding, finishing, care and maintenance. Along with remedial work we are experts across whitewashing, blonding, polishing, finishing and varnishing – and we understand that correct preparation is the key to a smooth finish.


How do I take care of my floor? 

Simple, let Floorsanding NZ take care of it for you. If you want to ensure longevity for your wooden flooring auckland you need to schedule regular maintenance. Wooden floors can be a valuable asset for your residential or commercial property, creating an elegant, warm feeling and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your space.

Unfortunately, on the flip side, neglecting your wood flooring will result in scratches, discolouration, stains and scuffing which translates to a dull, dingy room that tends to drag down the entire appearance of your home or business.

We repair, sand, finish, and restore 

At Floorsanding NZ, our flooring experts can restore your hardwood parquet floors, wooden floors, and decking. 


Explore Our Services

New Floors 

Investing in a wooden floor for your new build project can give you years of inspiration and pleasure – you just need to be careful to have it finished properly. Floorsanding NZ works on new builds, ensuring the finish is 100% even and the floor is protected against, dirt, debris, spills and stains with an excellent finishing product and customised application.

If you are moving forward with carpet, tiles or vinyl on top of your surface, be certain to call in the experts to make sure your wooden floor has a properly finished surface. 

At Floorsanding NZ our dedicated team can provide an assessment, liaise with your installation crew and provide expert finishing, sanding and polishing if required.

Restoration Services

If you have an antique floor our wooden flooring auckland experts can restore it back to it’s original state – or better. With over a decade of experience in the repair and restoration of hardwood flooring, we love a challenge and we have the skills and equipment to solve pretty much any issue that may crop up.

Along with hardwood flooring we can also mend your loose block parquet flooring – and we have some great techniques to address water-damage. We can also deal with any drummy spots that have emerged due to your floor being laid over concrete.

Because we understand the unique character of each floor we design a specific approach to best suit.

Finishing Services

If you want an easy care wooden floor you need to start with appropriate finishing! Our service team can advise you on the best approach to ensure that you reap all the benefits of having a well finished wooden floor.

In order to protect your floor you will need to select a protective barrier – we use Tung oil, polyurethane, varnish and stain. Choosing the right finish will prevent moisture ingress and will ensure that dirt, debris, and spills are easily cleaned up before they penetrate the floor causing, damage, stains and discolouration.

A correct finish will extend the lifespan of your natural or engineered timber and offset UV fading, scratches, scuffs and damage caused by high use and general wear and tear. 

Along with being protected your floor will become a long term asset to your property and add to the overall aesthetic – ask our trade qualified staff how you can achieve your vision with excellent finishing across grey, light, oak and and a wide range of other timber flooring.


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