Floor Varnishing Services

At Floorsanding NZ, we provide a professional, high-quality floor varnishing service for residential and commercial properties. No job is too big or too small, and our team is always looking to innovate by using the most up-to-date techniques, tools and equipment.

With over ten years in the flooring industry, you can count on us for superior workmanship and floor varnishing services that are a cut above.

We Varnish Old, New & Recycled Timber Flooring

Whether you are building new or working with a current property, scheduling regular floor varnishing services will ensure that your property maintains its value. A well-kept timber floor provides an inviting welcome and adds warmth to any residential or commercial space.

Letting your timber floor fall into neglect can drag down the overall appearance of your interior and will likely affect impressions of your property. This is particularly important when you are serving customers or clients and could also make a significant difference to the sale price of your property.

Do floor varnishing services help drive up offers?

A freshly varnished floor speaks to a certain level of care and adds a reflective glow to your interior spaces. Booking floor varnishing services before your agent brings potential buyers through your property could make a critical difference to the level of buyers you are able to attract.

When you are booking pre-sale or open home floor varnishing services, remember to give your floors time to settle – it pays to complete floor varnishing a week or so out from the big day.


Hardwood Timber Floors

At Floorsanding NZ, we don’t just work with new floors; we also rejuvenate, restore, and varnish hardwood floors to maintain their glorious glow – or to bring them back to their former glory. Our expert team have worked with floors up to 200 years old, and we can also ensure that your new hardwood floor taps into optimum longevity by scheduling regular maintenance and floor varnishing services.


Our Floor Varnishing Process

Timber floors are appealing for their unique characteristics, calling for a customised care and maintenance approach. Our team has the experience, knowledge and skill to assess your floors and apply the best technique to ensure your varnish works to enhance the natural beauty of your timber floors.

We start by identifying any spots, stains, blemishes or damage – and we can prepare and repair your floor before we varnish. We thoroughly clean the surface before we begin, and then we use the products and equipment that will bring out the best result for your floors.

Why should I varnish my floor? 

Enhanced Natural Beauty

Utilising a professional varnishing service will add an elegant finish to your timber floors and enhance the aura of your home or business. For commercial property, this will indicate to your customers that you understand their value and apply a high level of care to everything you do. Properly varnished timber floors are chic, and a smooth finish reflects a gorgeous glow onto the whole space.

Increase Durability & Longevity 

Expert varnishing can also extend the lifespan of your floor by providing a protective layer through the application of sealants that form a barrier against scratches, stains, moisture ingress, and daily wear and tear. This will strengthen the durability of your floor’s surface as it shields the timber from damage – even in high-traffic areas.

Improve Air Quality 

Regular varnishing will help to create a less porous surface, timber floors that remain unvarnished are likely to accumulate debris, dust and harmful allergens and pollutants, which can also lead to costly repairs.

Easy Maintenance

A sealed, varnished surface is smooth, slick and straightforward to clean and maintain. Because spills, dirt and dust don’t get a chance to settle into the floor, a regular vacuum or sweep, plus a mop with an appropriate cleaner, will keep your floors looking gorgeous.

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