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Floorsanding NZ are trade-qualified experts who have been in the timber flooring service business for over a decade.

Timber Flooring Specialists

Floorsanding NZ provides a timber flooring service that covers polishing, finishing, floor staining and varnishing, blonding, and whitewashing – all the way to parquet and total hardwood timber restoration for your commercial or residential floors.


Timber Flooring Specialists

Because Floorsanding NZ has been Auckland’s timber flooring service expert for over a decade, we have come across and solved every potential issue imaginable around levelling, restoring, polishing, preparing and finishing timber floors.

As it’s always our goal to provide high-quality service to our commercial and residential customers, we stay abreast of the latest tools and techniques – so you don’t have to.

Floorsanding NZ is the team to call for specialist timber flooring Auckland services.

We sand, repair, finish, and restore new, old, and recycled timber flooring

At Floorsanding NZ, our timber flooring service includes comprehensive restoration of hardwood timber floors, parquet floors and decks. 


Why should I book maintenance for my timber flooring?

It pays to schedule regular maintenance for your timber flooring if you want to protect your assets, family, or business. Timber flooring that is properly cared for can elevate any space, adding elegance and warmth to your home, or convey to your customers and clients that you value them.

Additionally, properly finished timber flooring will ensure your assets retain their resale value and that your clients – or family – are cared for with a safe, hygienic space. Neglecting maintenance on your timber flooring can result in unsightly stains, scratches, and patches of discolouration. You may also suffer loose or damaged floor boards and uneven patches, which can be dangerous trip hazards.

Neglecting your timber flooring service schedule will detract from the value of your property, as a shabby floor can drag down the aesthetic value of the space significantly. If you are serving clients or showing your home to potential buyers, it is essential to book professional finishing as it’s likely to make a vital difference to the standard of your business – or the price you can expect for your property.

Book Regular Maintenance For Your New Timber Flooring 


Explore Our Timber Flooring Services

New Flooring

If you are working on a new build with timber floors, you must have it finished by a timber flooring service professional to ensure the surface is 100% even and the timber is protected against moisture ingress. 

Even if you have decided to lay vinyl, carpet, or tiles over your timber floor, you must be sure that you have a properly finished surface before you move forward.  Call us to liaise with your installer, assess the surface and provide expert sanding and finishing services if required. 

Timber Flooring Restoration

With over a decade of experience, our timber flooring service team can restore your floors to their former glory. We mend dangerous loose block parquet flooring and repair water-damaged timber floors. We specialise in addressing drummy spots that occasionally crop up when timber floors are laid over concrete.

Recognising that each timber floor possesses a unique character, we employ a specifically targeted approach, utilising the best equipment and sanding techniques to treat your particular floor.

Timber Floor Finishing

Achieving a well-finished timber floor comes with many benefits, starting with ease of maintenance.  The application of stain, varnish, polyurethane, or Tung oil forms a protective barrier that prevents dirt and debris from penetrating your wooden floors, making cleaning a breeze.

Beyond aesthetics, floor finishing provides a shield against moisture, UV rays, scratches, scuffs, and general wear and tear, effectively prolonging the lifespan of your precious floor. With a range of finishing options, our team will help you select the finish that aligns with your vision for your timber flooring.

Floorsanding NZ is fully equipped with the tools and knowledge to handle all your timber flooring needs.

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