Residential Floor Sanding

Floorsanding NZ provides a comprehensive residential floor sanding service, including new timber floor staining and varnishing, blonding, and whitewashing – all the way to total hardwood timber and parquet floor restoration for your home.

We prepare, rejuvenate and polish your timber floors, making your home the beautiful space you and your family deserve.

Protect Your Assets

Our service includes trade-qualified treatment of all hardwood, parquet floors and decks. 

New, old, and recycled timber flooring – we have you covered.

A home with timber floors can be warm and inviting, and a properly finished floor will ensure your home retains its resale value and your family has a safe, hygienic space where they can grow and thrive.

On the flip side, a neglected or damaged timber floor will detract from the value of your home, and a shabby floor will drag down the look and feel of the entire space significantly. 

It is essential to book professional finishing if you are showing your home to potential buyers, as it’s likely to make a vital difference to the offers you end up with.


Timber Floor Specialists

We have been in Auckland’s floor sanding service business for over a decade. During that time, we have met and solved every possible problem when it comes to restoring, polishing, preparing and finishing timber floors.

We stay abreast of the latest tools and techniques as they develop in our industry, and it’s our goal to provide high-quality service to every single client.

If you want a specialist to deal with your timber floors, Floorsanding NZ is the team to call.


Need a Professional Floor Sanding Service? 

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Sanding & Treating 

If you are building a new home, timber flooring can elevate your residential project to something extraordinary. Floorsanding NZ can assess the surface of your timber flooring, provide expert sanding services if required, and correctly finish your floors so they remain resilient and beautiful as they age.

Even if you are laying carpet, vinyl or tiles over your timber floor, it pays to have it prepared and finished by a professional to ensure the surface is even and the timber is protected against any moisture ingress that might occur across the life of the floor.

Ask About Scheduling Regular Maintenance For Your Timber Floor 


Residential Timber Floor Restoration

If your home in Auckland has timber floors that have been neglected or damaged, our service team has the expertise and experience to restore them to full splendour.

Each timber floor has a distinct character and will benefit from a specifically targeted approach using equipment and sanding techniques designed to treat that particular floor best. 

Our team are qualified to mend dangerous loose block parquet flooring, repair water-damaged timber floors, and we can address the drummy spots which sometimes occur when timber floors are laid over concrete.

Call us if you want to provide your family with a warm, inviting, safe living space.


Residential Floor Finishing

A well-finished residential floor will be easier to clean and maintain as the stain, varnish, polyurethane, or Tung oil will help prevent dirt and debris from penetrating your wooden floors.  

Booking Floorsanding NZ to finish the timber floors in your home could also offset the need for a costly premature floor replacement.

Aesthetics & Longevity

Our experienced team can advise you on which sanding technique and finishing product will help you achieve the look you are aiming for. Floor finishing provides a shield from moisture, UV Rays, scratches, scuffs and general wear and tear, which can help extend the lifespan of your floor.

Selecting the optimum finish for your timber flooring adds a layer of protection and provides a radiant, lustrous, aesthetically pleasing finish. You can choose from a selection of finishing options – our team will let you know which ones will work best.

Residential Timber Floor Preparation

If you have a home with a timber floor that needs some attention before you choose a permanent finishing option, Floorsanding NZ has all the expertise and equipment required to provide a smooth canvas for the next step of your timber upgrade or restoration. We can also prepare your floor for carpet laying, vinyl laying, or before you put down tiles.

Our trade-qualified team will assess the surface and identify any areas that need extra attention. This could include uneven boards, a build-up of old finishing products, deep scratches, and embedded stains that need to be sanded down. 

We thoroughly clean the timber surface; then, we choose the sanding technique that will work best to create a flawless canvas for your next step. 

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