Do you have beautiful timber floors at home? Are they in the best shape possible? Sanding is the best solution whether your flooring could simply use a makeover or is in need of repairs or maintenance.  

Our experienced team offers timber floor sanding Auckland-wide. We have worked with residential and commercial clients across the city for over a decade, providing exceptional flooring services, including varnishing, restoration and sanding.  

Utilising the best equipment on the market, we strive to achieve only the highest quality outcomes for our clients. With our capable team, you can expect rapid results that speak for themselves. Smooth, polished and resilient flooring you can enjoy for years to come.

Discover our top sanding techniques and how we can help you achieve your flooring goals. 

Why Is Floor Sanding Important? 

Floor sanding is essential for reviving, repairing and restoring wooden floors. Whether your flooring is damaged from exposure to sun or water or has deep scratches and scuffs, the best remedy is professional sanding. 

Using different grits of sandpaper, we strip the top layer of your wooden flooring to reveal a smooth canvas underneath. The sanding process can also correct any unevenness in the floor. 

Working With Wood

Our timber flooring services encompass everything from varnishing and polishing to staining and finishing. We’re well-versed in sanding timber. Every good timber floor should have a completely even canvas beneath it to prevent moisture ingress and increase longevity. We also understand the need to assess wood thickness and ensure it is thick enough to withstand sanding.

Most kinds of timber floors are suitable for sanding, and we can help you with everything from hardwood and parquet floors to decking. The type of timber you’re working with is important, as every timber has a unique grain pattern. Additionally, wood and coatings react to one another differently depending on the species and type of product. Oak, maple, walnut, elm and cherry are typical woods used for timber floor sanding in Auckland. 

Essential Sanding Equipment

Before sanding your timber flooring, gather the necessary materials and tools. This will vary depending on the size of the floor you are working with and its condition. For small-scale projects, an edging or detail sander would be ideal. For larger-scale projects, we often use a belt or drum sander. Our professional team performs regular service checks of our equipment, including frequently cleaning and oiling tools to ensure they are functioning perfectly. 

Safety Precautions

We take the safety of our team and clients seriously. We wear safety masks and glasses to protect ourselves from the harmful dust and particles created by sanding. Hearing protection is used to protect against the noise of the sander and other equipment.

Top Sanding Techniques

You now know why you should sand your wooden flooring, how to work with wood and what equipment is needed to perform the job. Let’s go through the actual process!

Prepare Your Surface

We always initiate sanding with a thorough assessment of the flooring surface. Our team uses its keen eye to locate stains, scratches, unevenness, or other areas that require extra care. After removing floor coverings, nails, and adhesives, we perform a comprehensive clean. 

Understand Technique

The way you sand timber flooring matters. Every pass with the sanding machine should be done at an even pace, and you should only ever use the sander in the direction of the grain.

Choose Your Sandpaper

Getting the right sandpaper grit for the wood you are working with will ensure an optimal finish. We carefully select a sandpaper strength suitable for the specific type of wood we are sanding and the desired results. 

Start Rough

The first step is to remove most of the old finish and level out unevenness on the floor. We use rough-grit sandpaper for this stage, eliminating deep stains and smoothing the surface. 

Switch To Intermediate 

Next, transition to a medium-grit sandpaper. This will remove scratches left behind from the coarse grit and further smooth the surface. 

Finish Smooth

For the final step in the process, we use fine-grit sandpaper. This enables us to achieve the smoothest possible result and best prepare the floor for a new finish. 


Combatting Common Issues

You might encounter several issues while sanding your timber flooring. Let’s unpack how to tackle them.

Avoiding swirl marks: A swirl mark may occur on the timber if the sander isn’t moved consistently. Avoid using the sander in the same spot for too long; make sure you sand with the grain.

Addressing unevenness: A drum sander can remedy bumps, swirls and dips in the floor. Coarse-grit sandpaper can be carefully concentrated on raised areas until the surface is even.

Dealing with dust: Even the most modern equipment can’t eliminate every speck of dust. We keep a vacuum cleaner on hand for rapid cleanup and strive to ventilate every workspace appropriately. 

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