Traditionally, wooden flooring was standard in most homes and businesses across New Zealand. If you are lucky enough to own a commercial or residential property that has retained the original floors, or if you have built new or renovated and chosen to add wooden floors to your property, you will know that wooden flooring can add a layer of warmth and sophistication that can’t be matched.

While they are hard-wearing, they do require a certain level of care to stay looking their best. Leaving your hardwood floors without maintenance for too long can damage their look and feel. Conversely, regular maintenance can elevate your home or commercial property to reflect a commitment to care that will translate to better business and a more relaxing and enjoyable residential experience.

Regular wooden floor sanding is an important aspect of maintaining your floors to a high standard. However, this can be messy and disruptive, and it’s a job best left to the experts. 

Read on here as we give you some sanding tips for Auckland homeowners – and detail where you can book a stress-free, rapid transformative experience for your valuable floors. 

Preparation is Key

As with any task, good preparation will yield a better result. When you book a professional wooden floor sanding service, you can leave the heavy lifting to the experts. However, to ensure a smooth experience, you can also do a little prep yourself to kick things off.

Movers and Sweepers

If possible, remove all furniture from your space before the team arrives to sand your floors. Sanding produces a fairly substantial amount of mess, so if you can’t shift things out, it pays to cover them properly. A good wooden floor sanding team will come equipped with covers for your larger items, so if you can’t manage it, don’t stress out.

Once your space is clear, you can clean your floors and skirting boards thoroughly. Use your broom or vacuum cleaner – nothing special is required, but starting with a clean floor will make the sanding faster and more effective.

Assess & Note

If there are any oily marks, scuffs or cracks that have been bothering you, note them down. Take a quick look at the entire area so you are aware of any spots that may need particular attention, and take photographs so you can be certain that the job has been done just right when you compare the finished surface.

The Wooden Floor Sanding Process

When you invest in a pro team to sort out your floors, they will arrive with all of the specialised tools and equipment that will be required for a gorgeous finish. Techniques will be dependent on a few considerations, including the type of wood, the level of neglect and the primary use of the space.

Preparing for Laying

You may be preparing your floor to lay carpet or vinyl, in which case the approach will be designed to provide a surface that will work well for adhesives. You wouldn’t want to spend too much time sanding out marks; however, you would need a completely level surface.

Creating Ambient Commercial Spaces

If you are considering sanding a commercial floor in a retail store or a hair salon, you would think about the heavy foot traffic and the possibility of liquid spills. You may also seek a highly polished finish that will lift the room and accentuate fixtures, fittings, and product selections.

The Warmth of Home

For living areas at your Auckland residential property, you might opt for wooden floor sanding techniques that provide a perfect foundation for warm polyurethane tones, and you might account for features like fireplaces and children’s play areas for a little extra care in terms of the finishing products you select.

Major Considerations

No matter what space you are upgrading with wooden floor sanding, a trade-qualified team will start by addressing some basics. An initial assessment should identify any areas that require particular attention and you should know what you are in for before you commit. 

You may be dealing with deep grooves in the timber, scratched-up sections, and built-up finishing products, and you will likely have a few stains that need to be sanded out to ensure a fresh-looking finish. A qualified crew will ensure they start with a properly prepared timber surface by utilising pro cleaning techniques, and then they will advise you on what is required to create a flawless surface before they commence work.

Get in Touch

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At Foorsanding NZ, we are a trade-qualified team with extensive experience when it comes to wooden floor sanding and a host of other services that ensure your floors always look and feel their best. 

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